Inconsistent and miss-use of brand attributes throughout partnerships around the world lead to — Spotify seeking a partner to help unify their brand presence within third party users — to imagine a global transformation that provided a unified consumer first experience, while implementing a process for Spotify's brand globally.

Our approach — One Spotify. Working closely with Spotify, we aimed to design a universal system that would preserve Spotify's core elements within third party companies. The unified system would allow Spotify to keep it's look and feel without overwhelming partners experience. This gave users a cohesive experience while navigating through their lives and listening to Spotify.


The problem  —



Now, there is CTA consistency throughout the partners. 

One Spotify

A unified experience

Spotify's CTA buttons inside partner products were inconsistently presented. Results from an extensive partnership audit concluded a need to adjust the design strategy and start with the brand and extend to each use case. Spotify needed CTA features that would not impact the partners identity, but also maintain strong within the core brand. 


Spotify's 'Listen on' badge had several variations — without specific guidelines for usage. 


All decisions were based around the logo. Creating a parity between white space and logo size was crucial to evolving a unified system. By basing a size structure around of  0.5 of logo size gave us the padding surrounding the logo.

Start small

Scalability into the future  —

Creating CTA buttons to fit within a number of different use cases meant we needed to think through the target areas.

Spotify need two sizes for different uses — Complete button and a small condensed button that can fit in tight needs. The spacing surrounding the text is pulled from the X height from the logo for parity.

CTA buttons

The complete set of CTA buttons for full and condensed sizes.

The set

Badges are unified within Spotify guidelines and seamlessly fit into the competitors set.