Allowing us to work out the complex UX allows users to experience and share their activities with loved ones effortlessly. Simply select photos then select loop devices to send and presto your friends and family can view on their Loop's.

Sharing photos

Loop — a talented hardware/software startup in San Francisco making the TV of the future.

A personal Wi-Fi display that connects you with friends and family through photos, videos, and video chat.

Loop allows you to view, share, and experience your photos and videos like never before. Instantly send moments from the places you love like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Our approach — Stay connected. By working closely with the founders, developers, and project managers, we aimed to design a system that was as user friendly that our (non-tech) grandparents could use. Designing the system from the ground up allowed for a complete design of the product, UX, and branding. This gave users a cohesive experience form; taking photos to enjoying, and finally appearing on the device.


Allowing users to upload content to the Loop Cloud enabled a more seamless experience for sharing photos.

The system

Product strategy  —

Analog simplicity meets digital connivence

Users have the ability to scroll through their favorite photos by a swipe of the hand.

We created a system that could be as simple as plugging in the device, pairing with your bluetooth phone, and  start sharing.

Out-of-box experience 

Doubling down on our decision to create a retro device — we designed knobs to control both your channels and photo roll.

Navigating through Loop

Stay connected  —