Users can view their past history and see their activity trends compared to the group average.


Jawbone allows users to follow others within their network to see their progress and help motivate one another. Users can see where they match within the group compared to the group average.

staying connected

Out-of-box experience

Creating illustrations to educate users to quickly understand how to charge the device and use new equipment.

Designing around a mobile first approach allowed us to build modular components to easily design a comprehensive experience across all devices.

fitness on the go


The navigation headers allow users to navigate through all tracking categories as well as administrative duties. Programs are utilized when participants are in multiple teams inside their company.


UP allows users to track their sleep, eating habits, and daily activity including steps taken and calories burned. In December 2014, Jawbone released UP for Groups, software for corporate wellness programs. 

Jawbone's UP for groups only shares information with internal corperate employers.

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